MapMart Cloud®

MapMart Cloud Web Mapping Service has been developed to serve up the most current and highest quality geospatial data available in a fast and easy way to GIS and non-GIS users alike. The data sets include the CORE data with a wide selection of Aerial, Satellite, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), and Topographic maps, plus Premium Data providing the highest resolution Aerial and Satellite data currently available from the major data providers including, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, Intermap, and Astrium. more..

MapMart Cloud® Hosting

MapMart Cloud Hosting adds the option for hosting of proprietary data on the MapMart Cloud. The data is securely ingested onto the MapMart Cloud servers for the exclusive use of the owners and available for all users in your organization who have permissions. The data is seamlessly integrated with all other data sets from the MapMart Cloud. MapMart Cloud Hosting centralizes all GIS assets, eliminating duplicate purchases and the time spent searching for data.